Free Christian Bibles to Inmates

Bibles 2 Inmates



To provide free Christian Bibles to inmates within the continental United States.


We will send a Christian Bible free of charge to an inmate within the Continental United States. However, we need your help in choosing an appropriate Bible to meet the inmate's needs! Here are your choices:



English Language Bible in Economy Paperback                                                          (minimum 8 point font size)

KJV - King James Version Bible - The version truest to the origional Greek and Hebrew texts, but many people find it difficult to understand. Uses Olde English words such as thee and thou.

NIV - New International Version Bible - A popular and easier to read and understand version of the Bible using modern English.

Spanish Language Biblia in Economy Paperback                                                         (minimum 8 point font size)

RVR - Reina Valera Biblia (similar to KJV) - The most popular Spanish Bible in use, but some people find it difficult to understand.

NVI - Nueva Version Internacional Biblia (similar to NIV) - A popular and easier to understand Spanish version of the Bible.

No subtitutions. I will only send a Bible from the choices above.

Books may not be made available to some facilities due to their individual restricitons.

Books will be mailed on a first come first serve basis as funding allows.

If the inmate is to be moved soon, please wait until after the move before requesting a Bible, as it may take a couple of weeks for the Bible to arrive and the packages are not always forwarded.


To order a free Bible for an inmate, email me with the following information:

1. Inmate's full name, the exact name on record with the prison or state D.O.C.
2. Inmate's D.O.C. ID# - please don't forget this, as I cannot mail Bibles without it.
3. Complete facility address, including name of institution, street address, P.O. box #, state and zip code. (Please keep me updated with any changes in the inmate's address as they occur.)
4. Facility restrictions on number and types of books permitted.
5. Facility packaging regulations.

6. Include your choice of Bible from the list above.
7. Send email to: OR snailmail me to: Books To Inmates, P.O. Box 194, Stewart, Ohio 45778

Any missing or incomplete information will delay or void your request!